Offering our community centre users and partners the opportunity to give feedback is something we have to, and do value. To know whether what we are doing is having an impact and making a positive difference is our bread and butter. Let us share some recent experiences, not only to highlight our successes but also to strengthen community bonds. Stay tuned for updates!

Some comments from partners:

Working in partnership with Park Farm Community Centre and their staff team has been a great experience, for not only the Resettlement Service but also for our service users. The Centre has allowed our service users living in the area to access activities available in the community. The refugees we work with are able to integrate with local community groups. This gives the families relief from feeling isolated.

I feel our relationship with the Centre is going really well and has enabled us to meet some of the more hard to reach groups and people in the more deprived areas of St Helens. The centre prides itself on being ‘for the community’ and it truly is, encouraging e.g., the food pantry, discounted sales and also a place of warmth and welcome. The people who attend love the centre and staff – everyone is welcoming and accommodating!

This is my second year now delivering CircHits! light fitness classes at Park Farm Community Centre. My attendees range from 40 to 82 yrs old. Participants tell me how welcoming the staff are, how this is their 'afternoon out' and they look forward to an hour of fun, exercise, meeting friends at a great all round venue.

If have any issues or problems, the team are always keen to help.

Lovely feedback from centre users:

I really enjoy my Monday afternoon Accordionist's club! I am able to improve my music playing, continue friendships with other participants, to feel part of good company and have a laugh along the way... even with the Park Farm staff!

Park Farm Community Centre

Love this group of ladies! Inspirational, supportive and always kind to one another. I really look forward to coming along to the Centre each week, and joining the Wednesday club.

Park Farm Community Centre

The Yoga classes are just great... and they're free! I was made to feel welcome the moment I walked into the Centre. I love the fact that our instructor, Gill is so approachable, friendly and offers different poses for the less experienced. The class is very accommodating.

Park Farm Community Centre

Do you have any feedback for us?

We want to know about your experience at Park Farm Community Centre! 

What was your first impression? Why did you originally attend? What keeps you coming?

Did you have challenges? What puts you off? Do you have any suggestions for activities or services? 


Please get in touch to let us know to help us improve or to celebrate your journey.